About Ashley & Wellness with Weiss

Welcome to Wellness with Weiss! We are all about embracing a nourishing lifestyle, while dealing with a chronic illness.


I will share my experiences with whole foods, cooking, exercise and mindful practices. There is no one size fits all - just real food, natural ingredients, honest discussions and doing what works best for you.


To give you a bit of history into why I started this blog: my journey started as a reaction to my 2016 diagnosis with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), a type of Dysautonomia. I have dedicated my adult life to managing POTS, as it has changed nearly everything that I do and has disrupted my daily routine.


When I was forced to stop working, my husband helped me realize that I needed to figure out how to manage this illness as my full time job. I began my studies with Integrative Nutrition to learn more about changing my lifestyle and how to help others along the way. I am learning how to take care of my body with whole foods, maintaining a personalized exercise regimen after consulting my doctor, and learning how to manage the psychological and emotional ups and downs that arrive when dealing with a chronic illness. I am learning new techniques everyday, and will continue to share my findings with you. 


Equally important, I have a newfound appreciation for having a community of supporters - it really does take a team. I hope to provide a safe space not only for those living with a chronic illness, but also for the caregivers supporting someone living with a chronic illness.

I have received my Integrative Health Coaching Certification, so follow along as I share tips to improve your every day life.


Trust the process and believe in yourself! 

xoxo, Ashley


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