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What's in My POTS Pack?

1. Water/Bana Water

  • Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. I use a 24oz water bottle that I literally carry around everywhere. I probably drink about 4-5 of these a day, so about 3 liters, which is what my doctor has recommended

  • Electrolyte water has been a key part of my daily regimen. I have tried a couple different kinds and have found BaNa Rehydration to be the one that works best for me. I usually drink up to 2 bottles a day mixed with my regular water. BaNa has 800mg of sodium per bottle. Sodium is the key electrolyte used to help the body retain fluids. Hydration will help with overall performance both physically and mentally.

2. Snacks

  • Nuts - It can be hard to take find healthy foods that have a high salt content, but I have found that salted nuts have been the most helpful for me. I am a big almond lover, which is rich in healthy fats, protein, magnesium, and vitamin E. I always keep a little bag of these in my purse or backpack.

  • Nut butters – These are great to take with you on the go in case you need an easy bite to eat. I have been loving the RX Almond Nut Butter - Good source of protein and healthy fats.

3. Meds

  • I always keep my medicine case with me in the event that I need to take something right then and there and I don’t have to worry about panicking if I don’t have it.

4. Nausea Remedies

  • Ginger Chews – When I first was diagnosed, I ate these things all day long since I was incredibly nauseous all the time. Ginger settles the stomach. If you can put some fresh ginger root in your water, it is even better.

  • Mints – Mint helps with digestion and gas. It is calming and soothing on the stomach. If you can add fresh peppermint leaves to your water as well, this helps relax the muscles in the colon, which can help reduce bloating and ease any abdominal pain

5. Portable Fan

  • Heat is a huge trigger for me with POTS, it makes all of my symptoms that much worse. In the summertime, I started carrying around a small portable fan in the event that I needed to cool off and I have found this to be really helpful. If you can get the one that has the mist, it’s even better!

6. Sunglasses

  • Where there is light or sun, you will find me with my shades on. My head is super sensitive to light, so I always have my sunglasses with me to protect my eyes and hopefully help prevent any potential headaches.

7. Extra Clothing

  • My body temperature is constantly changing, one of the many symptoms of Dysautonomia, so I always make sure I have layers to add in case I am too cold or can remove if I am too warm.

8. Compression Garments

  • I have been on and off with these, especially in the summertime, since it is too hot to wear them, but in the winter, they really seem to help me keep my blood pressure up. It’s important to find the compression that works best for you.

9. Headphones

  • I am pretty sensitive to loud noise and having my headphones on hand really helps me to be able to block out any loud noises if I am somewhere that I can’t leave quickly.

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